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Survival (Budgie & Canary)


Typically, you can vote once every day although the exact rules and behaviors vary from site to site. Each vote will give you a key, 75% chance for [Common], 20% for [Uncommon], and 5% for [Rare].

Shows clickable voting links.
Shows your vote stats.
Opens the vote interface.
Opens voting shop.
Shows how many vote points you have.


While holding a golden shovel, right-click 2 points on the ground to create a claimed area. Your new claim will be highlighted by glowstone.

  • Only you have access to anything inside your claims.

  • PVP is disabled inside claims.

  • Claim height extends from bedrock to world height.

  • You have a limited amount of claim blocks.

    • You will recieve 100 claim blocks per hour, up to 50,000.

    • You can buy more with in-game money with /buyclaim.​

Claim Expriation

  • If a player has not logged in for more than 100 days, all their claims will be removed.

  • However, if the player has more than 1,500 total claim blocks, their claims will remain indefinitely.

Claim Permissions

/UnTrust <player>/All
Revokes all the players permissions in the claim.
/AccessTrust <player>
Gives permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
/ContainerTrust <player>
Gives permission to crafting gear, containers, and animals. Includes access trust.
Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
/Trust <player>
Gives the player permission to build/place/use in your claim.

Claim Management

Creates a 3x3 claim centered on where you're standing. A gold shovel is recommended over this.
Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can split your claims into smaller parts.
Restricts a subclaim, so that it inherits no permissions from the parent claim.
Lists a player's claims and claim block details.
Toggles whether explosions can cause damage within your claim.


The following skills are available for leveling up:

  • Acrobatics

  • Alchemy

  • Archery

  • Axes

  • Excavation

  • Fishing

  • Herbalism

  • Mining

  • Repair

  • Salvage

  • Smelting

  • Swords

  • Taming

  • Unarmed

  • Woodcutting

Basic Commands

View all your current skill levels.
View info about that skill.
Shows leaderboards.
Toggle right-clicking for abilities.
/mcrank <skill>
See player ranking for the specified skill.

Additional Information

  • McMMO is based on a linear exp curve: exp = 1020 + (level * 20).

  • Mob spawners do not give exp.

  • Endermen give reduced exp.

  • There is no cap on how much exp can be gained.

  • It is possible to get non-vanilla anchants from fishing.

  • TreeFellar gives full exp.

  • Pistons will not reset ore states.

  • See here for acrobatics exp limitations.


Right-click the [Rent] sign to rent the plot.

Sell items by left-clicking on a chest while holding the item. Fill the chest to stock the shop.

/arm gui
Opens the market shop interface.
/arm restore
Resets to a empty plot, deletes all items.
/arm extend
Extend your rent by 1 week.
/arm addmember
Allows a player to build on your plot.
/arm removemember
Disallows a player to build on your plot.
/qs staff add
Gives a player access to a chest shop.
/qs staff del
Remove a players access from a shop.
/qs staff list
Show players that have access to a chest shop.
/qs staff clear
Remove all staff from a chest shop.


Players start with the "Budgie" rank and ranks inherit previous perks.

Commands Unlocked
Bonus Items

· $10,000,000
· 7,000 McMMO Levels
· 100 Votes

· /fly (overworld only)

· Access to God guild
· 15 Homes
· 15 Auctions

· 2 x [Premium Crate] Key
· 2 x [Spawner Crate] Key


· $2,000,000
· 3,000 McMMO Levels
· 75 Votes

· /condense
· /nickname

· Access to Legend guild
· 9 Homes
· 10 Auctions

· 1 x [Premium Crate] Key
· 1 x [Spawner Crate] Key


· $500,000
· 1,500 McMMO Levels
· 50 Votes

· /back

· Access to Veteran guild
· 7 Homes
· 7 Auctions

· 1 x [Premium Crate] Key


· $100,000
· 300 McMMO Levels
· 25 Votes

· /enderchest
· /ec

· Access to Adventurer guild
· 5 Homes
· 5 Auctions

· 2 x [Rare Crate] Key


· $5,000

· 50 McMMO Levels

· 5 Votes

· /craft 

· /c

· Access to Nomad guild 

· 3 Homes 

· 3 Auctions

· 1 x [Uncommon Crate] Key

Player Warps

Anyone has the ability to access player warps, however only VIP's have the ability to create a player warp.

/pwarp rate <warp> <rating>
Adds a rating to someone elses pwarp from 1-5.
/pwarp category set <warp> farms/houses/other/shops
Sets the category of your pwarp.
/pwarp ban set/remove/list <warp> <username>
Bans or unbans players from using your warps.
Opens the Player Warp GUI.
/pwarp set <name>
Creates a player warp at your location.
/pwarp remove <warp>
Removes the specified player warp.
/pwarp desc set/remove <warp> <description>
Sets or removes the description for your warp.
/pwarp set icon <warp>
Sets the icon for your warp.
/pwarp rename <warp>
Renames an existing warp.
/pwarp password set <warp> <password>
Creates a password in order to access the warp.
/pwarp help
Shows additional pwarp commands.

Item Despawn Rate

Default item stack despawn time is 5 minutes.
Modified despawn times:

  • 2 Minutes

    • Spruce Logs, Dark Oak Logs

  • 30 Seconds

    • Blaze Rod, Bone, Ender Pearl, Gold Nugget, Gunpowder, Ink Sac, Iron Ingot, Saddle, Slime Ball, Spider Eye, String, Poppy

  • 15 Seconds

    • Cactus, Cobblestone, Melon Slice, Pumpkin, Rotten Flesh

  • 10 Seconds 

    • Golden Sword​

Despawn Range

The following applies to all mobs.

  • Soft: 32

    • Block radius from a player where mobs will randomly despawn over time.

  • Hard: 96

    • Block radius from a player where mobs will forcibly despawn.

The following is the maximum amount of entities that can exist an a given area.

  • Animals (same type)

    • 20 in 5 block radius.

    • 50 in 160 block radius.

  • Villagers

    • 5 per chunk.

    • 40 in 150 block radius.

  • Iron Golems

    • 80 in 60 block radius.

  • Wolves

    • 25 in 50 block radius.

  • Monsters

    • 15 per chunk.

  • Endermen

    • 10 per chunk.

  • Warden

    • 5 in 50 block radius.

Activation Range

Entities outside of this range (block radius) will tick at a reduced rate.

  • Animals: 8

  • Monsters: 26

  • Villagers: 16

  • Raiders: 16

View/Spawn Range

Distances measured in chunk radius from the player.

  • View distance: 10

  • Simulation distance: 4

    • Any entity outside this radius will not be ticked by the server.

  • Mob spawn range: 3

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