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Australian Minecraft Network


Each server will have a set of rules tailored to their purpose, but will generally follow the same principles.

1. No using hacks or modded clients.

Do not use any hacks, injection scripts or modified game clients that provides you with any sort of utility or advantage.
This includes any "utility" clients and texture packs.

Exceptions to this rule are:

  • Clients which optimize the game but do not provide any gameplay advantage outside of increasing FPS. Specifically:

    • Forge/Optifine

    • Badlion

    • Lunar Client

  • Mods that change shaders and lighting.

  • Mods such as minimap, that provide waypoints and minimaps.

  • Ask us if you are unsure.

1.1. Use of automation software

What is allowed:

  • Third party software to simulate button presses is allowed. I.e. AutoHotkey, AutoIt.

  • AFK fishing contraptions and taping down your left mouse button.


What is not allowed:

  • Injecting code into the game at runtime. I.e. injection scripts.

  • Altering the games code in any capacity order to automate actions.

  • Third party software that manipulates mouse movement.

2. No spamming or advertising.

"Spam" includes repeated messages, messages sent in rapid succession with no inherent value, and messages that are nonsensical.
"Advertisement" is any reference to a third party product or service with any intent of providing said product or service with exposure.


  • Self promotion of a media channel.

3. No excessively harassing other players.

Swearing is fine, banter is encouraged. But if you act with the sole intention of negatively impacting another players experience in any significant capacity, verbally or otherwise, it will be considered harassment.

3.1. Do not share private information

Players should remain anonymous unless they state otherwise. Do not share any personal identifiable information about a specific individual, doing is not only a dick move, but it can potentially violate privacy laws.

4. No griefing or stealing on or around claimed land

Do not grief other players on or within a reasonably close distance to their claimed land, regardless of trust status.
- "Reasonably close" means that it is a clear and obvious extension of their settlement. This can apply up to 50 blocks from the claim.
- "Griefing" in this context means killing, stealing, breaking, placing, claiming, or altering the environment.


Claiming land within 50 blocks of an existing claim will be considered griefing if the existing claimant does not sanction it. Sanctions cannot be revoked.

Scamming is not considered griefing. We will only take action if real world currency is involved, or if it violates any other rule.

Teleporting to another player or having a player teleport to you for the purpose of killing them, regardless of claims, will be considered griefing.

5. No abusing exploits or glitches

Do not make use of exploits or glitches.
Anything that is an unintended feature of the game, or design flaw within the server should not be taken advantage of.
If you find an issue, raise it with staff and you'll be rewarded depending on it's severity. Exploit and you'll risk losing anything gained from it and face a potential ban.

Creation of new exploits (yes this has happened) is grounds for a ban.

6. No impersonating staff

Do not falsely claim to be a new or existing staff member, or rename your character to that of an existing staff member.

7. No Roleplaying

Do not assume the attitudes, actions, or discourse of an individual or character in order to engage in a imaginary scenario.

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