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Australian Minecraft Network



Typically, you can vote once every day although the exact rules and behaviors vary from site to site. Each vote will give you a key, 75% chance for [Common], 20% for [Uncommon], and 5% for [Rare].

Shows clickable voting links.
Shows your vote stats.
Opens the vote interface.
Opens voting shop.
Shows how many vote points you have.

Islands and Movement

Shows challenges progression.
Creates an island / Open island control panel.
/is ban <player>
Bans a player from visiting your island.
/is biomes
Buy and change the biome of your island.
/is expel <player>
Kicks a player from your island.
/is language
Change the language preferences.
/is private
Disallows visitors.
/is public
Allows visitors.
/is team accept
Accept an invite to join another island.
/is team invite <player>
Invite a player to join your island as a member.
/is visit <player>
Teleports you to a players island.
/is warps
Lists player made island warps.
/warp <rank>
Warp to the public island for the specified rank.

Player shops

Shops can be created by left clicking on a chest whilst holding an item in your hand, and then typing the price you want each item to be worth in chat. Commands for player shops must be done whilst looking at the shop you want to adjust.

/qs staff list
Lists the players with access to the shop.
/qs staff del <player>
Removes a players access to the shop.
/qs staff add <player>
Gives another player access to the shop.
/qs remove
Removes a shop and reverts it to a normal chest.
/qs find <keyword>
Lists the coordinates and stock of nearby shops that match the entered keyword.
/qs sell
Switches the shop to sell mode.
/qs buy
Switches the shop to buy mode.
/qs price <number>
Sets a new price on an existing shop.


Players start with the "Budgie" rank and ranks inherit previous perks.

Commands Unlocked
Bonus Items

· $2,500

· 10 Challeneges
· 5 Votes

· /craft

· Access to Nomad island
· Equip up to ★x2

· 2 x [Uncommon Crate] Key


· $75,000

· 20 Challeneges
· 25 Votes

· /ec

· Access to Adventurer island
· Equip up to ★x3

· 2 x [Rare Crate] Key


· $450,000

· 30 Challeneges
· 50 Votes

· /back

· Access to Veteran island
· Equip up to ★x4

· 1 x [Premium Crate] Key


· $1,000,000

· 40 Challeneges
· 75 Votes

· /condense

· /nickname

· Access to Legend island
· Equip up to ★x5

· 1 x [Premium Crate] Key
· 1 x [Spawner Crate] Key


· $2,000,000

· 50 Challeneges
· 100 Votes

· /fly (island only)

· Access to God island
· Equip up to ★x6

· 2 x [Premium Crate] Key
· 2 x [Spawner Crate] Key

Despawn Range

The following applies to all mobs.

  • Soft: 32

    • Block radius from a player where mobs will randomly despawn over time.

  • Hard: 128

    • Block radius from a player where mobs will forcibly despawn.

The following is the maximum amount of entities that can exist an a given area.

  • Animals (same type)

    • 15 in 5 block radius.

  • Iron Golems

    • 10 per chunk.

  • Wolves

    • 25 in 50 block radius.

  • Monsters

    • 15 per chunk.

  • Endermen

    • 10 per chunk.

  • Warden

    • 5 in 50 block radius.

Activation Range

Entities outside of this range (block radius) will tick at a reduced rate.

  • Animals: 32

  • Monsters: 32

  • Villagers: 16

  • Raiders: 16

View/Spawn Range

Distances measured in chunk radius from the player.

  • View distance: 10

  • Simulation distance: 5

    • Any entity outside this radius will not be ticked by the server.

  • Mob spawn range: 8

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