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Australian Minecraft Network



Players will be able to build anything while inside their designated plots.

  • Each player may claim 1 plot.​

  • The following items are not available:

    • Minecarts

    • Boats

    • Spawners

    • Ender Eyes

    • Commands Blocks

    • End Portal Blocks

    • Gate Portal Blocks

    • Nether Portals

    • Spawn Eggs

    • Maps

    • Books

    • Lecterns

Worldedit tool that's useful for terrain or large scale constructions.
Switch to creative gamemode.
/plot auto
Automatically claims a plot within the occupied world.
/plot claim
Claims a creative plot.
/plot clear
Reverts back to an empty plot.
/plot download schem
Allows plot owners to download a schematic of their plot.
/plot info
See information on the plot.
/plot merge
Merges with an adjacent plot.
/plot music
Adds music to your plot.
/plot setbiome
Change the biome in your plot.
/plot trust <player>
Allows a player to build on your plot.
/plot unlink
Reverts a previous /plot merge.
/plot visit <player>
Teleports you to a players plot.
Switch to survival gamemode.
/skull <player>
Gives or replaces the held skull with that of the inserted username.
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